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Thank you to all who shared tributes to their fathers! 

Check out our photo collage and learn about each father using the guide below.

a.    Emmanuel with his dad Steve

b.    Lawrence is trained in Tai Chi & Hapkido.  One of his passions. Another passion is feeding wildlife.  Perhaps his most favourite was sleeping in the desert and climbing Mount Sinai.

c.    Tobago vacation – Felix celebrating on a mini vacation with Vejai and grandson 

d.    Murray golfing!

e.    My father.  John Rogers. He loved being with his family, children, and grandchildren. Here he is with my daughter in the UK. – From Becky T.

f.    Why is Father’s Day so special to me!  Well, it’s like this, not just any man will have a love for God and show it in so many levels, as Murray Cliff has shown and truly demonstrated in very unique ways that only God will understand as he shows that love to his children! And the most amazing part ever is, I get to witness his heart in action daily, and the love and passion he tries to show through God in heart and soul as Murray is a child of God! Thank you for being my father – in-law you truly are special as I have learned so much from you and that right there is a blessing from God! -From Carl C.

g.    Emmanuel with his son, Steven

h.    My father, John Bartlet, left us way to soon almost 42 years ago. He loved the Lord and his family and was a good example to us all. – From Jane H.

i.    Dad and now Grandad, my dad David is living proof that God alone can change your life and that trust in Him shapes your future. – from Kizz S.


We honour all fathers from every generation who form part of our community of faith, through their presence in the church, or their connection to our members.  

Happy Father’s Day!