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The Airdrie Ministerial Neighbourhood Prayer Walks are back again this year.  The walks will take place every Sunday from May 1 – August 28, 2022.  

See below for more information, or visit our Events page for the list of neighbourhoods.

“I will give you every place where you set your foot.” Joshua 1:3

The Purpose: To claim our neighbourhoods and city for God.

The Prayers: This summer take time to walk, run, bike, or drive through your neighbourhood, town, or city and pray that:

•    God will bless your community with His presence and goodness.
•    God will soften the hearts of people toward Him.
•    God will connect people to a local church for spiritual growth.
•    God will strengthen homes, marriages, businesses, and schools.
•    God will provide people work and renew their purpose.
•    God will use His church as a light and place of healing.

The Plan: We want to cover as much ground as possible and so the more people involved on a daily or weekly basis will help achieve the goal of claiming our neighbourhoods and city for God. 

  • Each Sunday at 3:00 p.m. meet at the designated location (see reverse side for locations) to pray as a group, and then disperse to pray throughout the neighbourhood.
  • Continue to pray on your own or with a friend during the week.
  • Pray silently or quietly as you walk; stop at key locations to pray.
  • Greet those on your path; be ready for conversations.
  • Mark on a map the streets you have covered in prayer and send to

“Pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayer and requests. … Be alert and always keep on praying.” (Eph 6:18)